Collection agency

“We are very satisfied about the CollectOnline software and service.”

Niels van Haastrecht

Medicas medical collection agency has been a loyal and solid partner in debt collection procedures and debtor management for many (para)medics since 1995. We go after your recoverable debts which are difficult to collect and guarantee that the majority of these invoices will get paid.

Medicas uses CollectOnline software on a daily basis to handle their collection and debtor administration. Our challenge was to make this process as efficient as possible and the DunningOnline and RecoverOnline software packages are doing an excellent job.

We actually started looking for a partner in debt collection and debtor administration online and that’s how we came across CollectOnline, an excellent choice, as it turned out! In choosing a partner, the new and current technology was very important in our case. CollectOnline works with the latest technologies and actively listens to their customers in order to add improvements and novelties to their applications.

RecoverOnline and DunningOnline allow us to strongly automate our administrative processes. This efficient software saves us a lot of work and gives us more time for our core tasks.

We are very satisfied with the CollectOnline software and services and would recommend the software to anyone looking to make their collection and debt management more efficient!