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All-in-one credit management platform
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DunningOnline is our state-of-the-art credit management software platform for SMEs and corporations to optimise the dunning administration process. We enable credit and financial managers to create intelligent workflows easily, by inserting a range of communication tools. Advanced dashboards, customer segmentation and intelligent credit management tools will help you to enhance your dunning process.



Integrated Mail

Link your email inbox to the platform and assign debtor responses immediately to the relevant debtor, instant replies.

Comprehensive Debtor Portal

The debtor always has access to his outstanding debts via the debtor portal. Immediate payments, consulting invoices, changing data or requesting a settlement are just some of the possibilities of the debtor portal.

Straightforward Set-Up

Don’t waste any time setting up your platform, but get started immediately. Integrate accounting, set up payment links, create templates and workflows – it’s done in no time and can be modified again.

Advanced Dashboard

DunningOnline all-in-one platform gives credit and financial managers the personalised insights they need to successfully reach out to debtors and improve cash-flow.

Intelligent Workflows

Create intelligent and efficient workflows in no time. Insert emails, text messages, payment links, conditions and segmentation in the collection process to guarantee success.

Personalised Follow-Up

Improve and maintain your debtor relationships by using our debtor portal, dispute manager and personalised 

Easily Follow-Up

Rely on DunningOnline to remind you when a payment promise is broken or to inform you when the debtor is most accessible.

Improved Segmentation

Easy to set up segmentation. Use different parameters such as customer type, region, open amount,… to reach out to the debtor in a personalised manner.

Integrated Dunning Costs

Simply add costs and interest charges at any workflow action. These costs are calculated on the basis of the general terms and conditions that apply.


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