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Setting the standard in credit management software platforms.

A track-record in debt collection.

CollectOnline was founded in 2011 by two former PwC auditors as a collection agency software provider. Today, we have grown into a Benelux market leader in debt collection software and a challenger in the field of credit management software for credit and financial managers.

Better user-experience is our commitment.

CollectOnline and RecoverOnline deliver flexible SaaS solutions to manage your debt collection. Our platforms offer the possibility to easily optimise the collection process by automated workflow strategies. Debtors can be reached through different channels like regular mail, email, registered email, phone, text message, etc. – while all parties involved in the process are kept up to date using the transparent platform.

Automated credit management is a basic right.

At CollectOnline, we believe every company – international corporations as well as SMBs – should have 24/7 access to fully automated, care-free and user-friendly credit management tools to optimise their cash-flow. Our software developers and our client support team are striving every day to make this happen.

User feedback for continuous improvement.

All our day-to-day developing is based on user feedback. With the help of our users, we are able to provide top-notch dashboards with a clear overview of outstanding tasks and actions, immediately informing your operators about the work ahead. Thanks to user feedback, we were able to improve our DunningOnline platform. Now you can manage multiple business units from the same dashboards and have a direct link to collection agencies. In CollectOnline we offer users an easy-to-use invoice matrix, being able to implement almost any contract form available on the market.

Understanding the debtor-creditor relationship.

The world’s economy is dependent on billions of debtor relationships. However, credit management is not only about revenue recovery. Our solutions are designed with Debtor Relationship Management in mind.

We help our clients to maintain good relationships before, during and after the debt collection process. We understand customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Talk with our consultants about how to turn debtor challenges into sales opportunities.

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More than a software company.

We assist our clients with tailored advice and assistance. Whether you want to optimise an existing collection process or set up an order-to-cash flow in your organisation, we are convinced that we are the right partner to assist you in this.

Whether you need an audit of the existing dunning processes or support from your credit management department, we have the right specialist in-house.

CollectOnline builds credit management solutions
through intelligent automation.

We enable credit and financial managers to maintain care-free and successful relationships with debtors while optimising cash-flow.

The experience of numerous credit managers, law firms, collection agencies and bailiffs, gained during the amicable and judicial phase of debtor follow-up, have been incorporated into our platforms.

Thomas De Bruyn, founder CollectOnline

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